Indian Restaurant in Cheltenham

Best Indian Restaurant in Cheltenham Melbourne, Bayside area

Sometimes we think of Indian food to be rich in unhealthy, fried accoutrements such as samosa, papadums, as well as cream-rich curries.

However, you will be surprised to know that authentic Indian food is much more healthy in the world healthiest cuisine.

Swaad Indian Restaurant  makes extensive use of spices – not only to give the dishes their unique flavor but also are shown to protect against some cancers, have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

At Swaad, our experienced  cooks prefer preparing dishes from scratch using fresh produce and ingredients and not relying on pre-packaged, pre-prepared foods that are loaded with preservatives and refined ingredients. The result is, dishes are prepared with minimal oil and using healthy cooking methods.

Look for curries calling for beef or chicken tikka or tandoori and lean toward using a healthier less creamy choices. Search for curries with a dal or vegetable base.

Some of our favorite healthy Indian recipes are Chicken Tikka Masala, Vegetable Jalfrezi, Beef Spinach Curry.

Swaad makes extensive use of spices, and not just to make the food fiery hot.  We use spices to flavor the food, creating wonderfully aromatic balance and flavor. While each spice is unique, the art of mastering how to magically blend them is perfected by only few of the Best Indian Restaurant In Melbourne.