Indian Food History

Indian Food History


Indian food culture is one of the oldest culture of the century and thus Indian food has lot of diversities, lot of different tastes. India incorporates 32 states with 1.27 billion population. Different people have different cooking style and that gives the origin to enormous dishes with flavourful different spices to cook with. Due to its older origin and diversity of taste and flavors, Indian food has numerous fans on international scale in terms of serving different appetisers, snacks, side dishes, main dishes and desserts. Combining all the flavors, spices and tastes together, Indian food guarantees to satisfy the spice lovers – salty and sweet tooth people).

To summarize, Indian food mainly divided into four type of cuisines depending upon the geo-graphical location – Noth Indian, Western, Eastern and South-Indian cuisines.

Aniseed – Asafoetida – Red Chilli – White Pepper – Black cardamom – Black pepper – Peppercorns – Black Cumin – Celery seeds – Indian bay leaf –  Cinnamon – Cloves – Coriander seeds – Curry leaf – Fennel seeds – Fenugreek seeds –  Garam Masala – Green cardamon – Dry ginger – Mustard seeds – Nutmeg – Mace – Panch Phoron (combination of 5 spices) – Poppy seeds – Pomegranate seeds – Saffron – Tamarind –  Seaseme seeds – Carom seeds – Basil leaf

Every spice that is used has a reason to be put in and got that standard after so many years of research by our great people. For instances, Black Cumin and Garam Masala are added for taste, Carom, Asafoetida helps in quick digestion, tamarind to give sweet savoury taste, Nutmeg and Mace to give a different flavor to the food, cardamon and fennel seeds again is good for food digestion, Ginger to retail body heat, pepper,Peppercorns and chilli to make food spicy and tasty.
At Swaad India’s Zest, Bentleigh Restaurant, we make sure to use the right spices in the right food and get you familiarize with the original taste and diversity of the Indian food.
Indians have the habit of making everything in-house and that is what we follow here at Swaad. we get the spices, grind and mix them together and add them to the curry. Most of our desserts are made in-house crafted to perfection.
To get the real taste and get to know more about our culture and our food, we invite people to book in at our restaurant in Bentleigh, Melbourne. Our friendly staff would be very happy ,and feels honored in sharing the culture and food knowledge.

Our Traditional way of serving Samosa with chickpea curry has amused the people of Melbourne who have tried and it became one of our famous traditional Indian appetiser just with in days.